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Just Bookkeeping

Jennifer's Story


Prior to Just Bookkeeping, I was a partner for a small logistics company. I love to organize and truly get excited to see the success of a small business and in the case of the logistics company, to see our owner operators thrive. In my diverse employment history, I always was a part of the bookkeeping.  Below is a list of my employment experience with bookkeeping.







Transportation Logistics


I understand 1st hand the frustration of having to complete my daily duties that took the full 40 hours, then work more hours and on the weekend to do the company bookkeeping. 

As an owner, you constantly sacrifice your time because you can't afford to hire a full-time person or have different needs at different times and it is not consistent enough to justify the cost of employing a person. If you are able to hire a qualified part-time person, you again sacrifice your time to train and monitoring for errors. This is where outsourcing makes sense and I feel Just Bookkeeping will be a good solution to help you utilize your time.


Just Bookkeeping will help small businesses grow by freeing up time for the business owner to nurture and grow their business.

With my 20 years of bookkeeping experience, I decided after selling the logistics company to use my talents to do what I enjoy. As a added bonus, I am looking forward to working for a diverse group of clients!


Jennifer Uellendahl

Jennifer Uellendahl