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Who needs Just bookkeeping

Need a New Employee?

Hiring a new employee will cost additional in employer taxes, another computer or just adding user licenses to your software.  For most small businesses, it may not be an option because you may not have enough work for the employee to be full time and finding a qualified part time employee can be difficult.  This is where outsourcing make since.


Most do not have the time to plan a budget or know where to begin.  A budget is a resourceful tool to evaluate if you are profitable and reaching your goals.  It is recommended that you analyze your cash flow and profit and loss on a regular basis to make the necessary changes if needed.  You don't want to wait untill the end of year when your CPA does your annual taxes, then it may be too late.

New to Quickbooks?

QuickBooks software is very user friendly and seems simple.  However; if you are not consistent in your input or don't follow the correct work flow, your accounting records will be off.  At the end of the year, it can time consuming to fix the whole year's bookkeeping and costly if you have your CPA do it for you.

Late Fees and Filing?

You don't want to spend any more money than you need to!  If you are paying late fees or filing late often, it may be that you don't have the time to check what is due or you didn't record it in QuickBooks.  Save yourself from the headache of trying to finish everything at the last minute to file on time, by outsourcing. 

Not Enough Time?

You shouldn't have to sacrifice your personal time in order to do your books.  You work probably more than 40 hours a week already for your business.  Outsourcing helps you control your time better.  Hopefully, giving you a little more quality of life back.

Dislike the Task?

You may simply do not like the task of Bookkeeping, you may even dread it.  If you don't like doing it, then you put it off and then it becomes a big project that you are forced to do.   This can be vicious cycle for some.  You can break it, by outsourcing it.


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